Severed Head Bangkok Bridge

Severed Head

In the latest episode of “Bangkok Mysteries,” we find ourselves navigating through a plot thick with intrigue and a dash of the macabre. Picture this: a serene morning in Bangkok, disrupted by a discovery that sounds like it’s straight out of a crime novelist’s fever dream. The Nation spills the beans on a chilling find under the Rama 8 bridge in Phra Nakhon district – a foreigner’s head, not atop its shoulders where one might expect, but rather, bagged up and hanging out a casual five metres below. As for the rest of him? Missing in action.

Adding a sprinkle of mystery to the mix, our bridge turned crime scene sports a message in correction fluid that’s more cryptic than your average fortune cookie: “I want but I cannot… I came to Bangkok to be with you.” Stay tuned as this story unravels, with our headless protagonist still awaiting his curtain call.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! The Bangkok Post throws in their own interpretation of this mysterious message, serving up a variation that reads like a tragic love story or a really bad day of shopping: “I want it but I didn’t get what I want” and “I came here to see you.” The saga continues, and so does our quest for clarity, identity, and perhaps, a less grisly morning read.

Severed foreigner’s head found hanging from a bridge

BANGKOK: — Police on Sunday are trying to identify a man, believed to be a foreigner, whose head was found hanging from a rope at Rama IX Bridge in Phra Nakhon district. His body was still not found.

The head, belonging to man in his 40s, was tied to the rope and apparently put in a plastic bag and hung from the bridge’s railing. When it was found at about 2pm, the plastic bag was detached from the head, revealing a gruesome sight. A doctor estimated that he had died for at least eight hours.

Two sentences, “I want but I cannot …,” and “I came to Bangkok to be you,” were found written on the bridge’s railings.

Pol Col Chavalit Prasobsilp, a police chief, said that it was apparently not a suicide and he will wait for autopsy results before concluding how the head was cut from the body.

“We will check the security circuits at the bridge and see if anything related to the incident was captured,” Chavalit said.

“We need to urgently know who is the victim,” he said, requesting that the media published clear pictures of the victim’s face to help police identify the victim.

– The Nation 2009-02-22