Welcome to Bangkok Crimes, where the underbelly of Thailand’s bustling streets gets a spotlight, not because we’re fans of the nefarious, but because we’re on a mission to dissect, understand, and occasionally marvel at the criminal concoctions brewing in this cultural cauldron. Think of us as your culinary guide to the spicy, sometimes sour, and always intriguing dish that is Thai crime, seasoned with a pinch of socio-cultural and political herbs.

Here, we don’t just regurgitate media reports; we slice and dice them with critical analysis and a sprinkle of commentary, serving you a dish that’s thought-provoking and palate-expanding. While we do relish the significant social, political, or cultural entrees, we’re not averse to the occasional side dish of non-crime related curiosities from Thailand and its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Expect a buffet of the bizarre, the brazen, and the downright bewildering crime stories, alongside major crime-related events that shake the table. Bangkok Crimes is your ticket to a behind-the-scenes tour of Thailand’s dark side, with all the intrigue, drama, and complexity this vibrant country has to offer. Strap in, it’s going to be a wild ride!