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FHM Celebrates the World’s Sexiest Women with Star-Studded Bangkok Event

BANGKOK, THAILAND – FHM, an acronym for For Him Magazine, marked its sixth anniversary with a grand celebration at the Centara Grand Hotel’s Bangkok Convention Centre, unveiling the “FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World” list. The event, attended by a constellation of stars and performers, featured red carpet appearances by some of the most glamorous figures in the entertainment industry, alongside performances by notable acts such as Girl Next Door & Playboy, Thaitanium, and Girly Berry.

In a revelation that surprised few but delighted many, Megan Fox, renowned for her role in “Transformers,” was crowned the Sexiest Woman in the World for 2009 by the magazine’s readership.

The local accolades saw Yardtip Ratchpal clinching the title of Sexiest Woman in Thailand, with Patcharapa Chaichua being honored with the Sexiest Forever award. The soap opera realm was represented by “Chompoo” Araya A Hargate, who took home the Sexiest Actress award, while the beauty pageant sphere was dominated by Morakot “Amy” Kittisara. Marisa Anita stood out in the modeling world, securing the Sexiest Model title.

Pitchanart Sakakorn was recognized for her distinctive Oriental Look, expressing her gratitude and playfully hinting at her newly single status, sparking excitement among her admirers.

Rising star Ausanee Wattana, dubbed the Sexiest Rookie, intrigued fans with her promise of a yellow bikini and teeth braces appearance in the future.

May Feung-arom, known for her roles as the antagonist in various soap operas, was once again named the top villainess, affirming her unique appeal in the genre.

The event also celebrated other talents, including singer Pakaramai “Tong” Potranan, the girl group Girly Berry, and film star Supaksorn “Kratae” Chaimongkol, showcasing the diverse beauty and talent present in Thailand’s entertainment industry.

This celebration, highlighted as an Editor’s Pick, underscores FHM’s commitment to recognizing and honoring female beauty and talent across the globe, with a special focus on Thailand’s vibrant entertainment scene.


In what can only be described as a journalistic low point, this “Editor’s Pick” plunges into the depths of triviality with its bewildering array of categories for ranking women’s sexiness. From the perplexing “Sexiest Forever” to the cringe-worthy “Oriental Look,” it’s as if FHM is scraping the bottom of the barrel for new ways to objectify women. The “Sexiest Rookie” title, bestowed upon the so-called newcomer Ausanee Wattana, seems to be FHM’s latest attempt to inject fresh meat into the voracious celebrity culture it perpetuates. And let’s not overlook the “Sexiest Villainess” – because, apparently, we’re still in the era of silent film stereotypes.

Curiously absent, however, were categories like “Sexiest Khaw Man Gai Vendor,” “Sexiest MRT Official,” and “Sexiest Express Boat Attendant.” It appears FHM overlooked these pivotal segments of society this year. One struggles to grasp the editorial wisdom behind flagging this as a ‘must-read.’ Perhaps it served as a beacon of light in Thanong Khantong’s otherwise mundane Wednesday morning. Whatever the motivation behind Thanong’s endorsement, the reporter’s enthusiasm for covering it, and the Nation’s decision to publish, it’s a stark emblem of the newspaper’s descent into a quagmire of sycophantic journalism and insipid drivel. This piece stands as a testament to the paper’s transformation into a moribund echo chamber of banality, capable of dulling even the sharpest of intellects.