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No Bodies Found in Sattahip Container

Government Investigates Mysterious Undersea Containers Off Sam San Port

In a bid to unravel the mystery of eight sealed containers discovered beneath the sea, the Thai government has enlisted the expertise of Central Institute of Forensic Science director Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan and the Royal Thai Navy. The discovery, made by local fishermen, has sparked widespread curiosity and concern among the coastal community and authorities alike.

Yesterday, a team comprising divers, media representatives, and officials embarked on a mission to inspect the site located eight sea miles off Sam San port in Chong Sam San. Despite reports of up to eight containers, only one has been successfully located by the authorities, with no immediate explanation provided for the human remains encountered nearby on the seabed.

The initial dive revealed no detectable radiation hazards, as confirmed by a dosimeter used by the first team. Subsequent underwater footage captured by a second team showed the container resting sideways on the ocean floor, about 20 meters deep, with a conspicuous square-shaped hole approximately 50cm wide. Intriguingly, the interior, accessible via the hole, contained a ladder, suggesting a makeshift office setup. Additionally, water and sand samples were collected from within for further analysis.

Following the dive, Porntip engaged with the local community at the Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum, discussing the operation’s methods and findings. Residents of Tambon Sam San, many of whom rely on fishing for their livelihoods, had expressed apprehensions that the containers might leak toxic substances, jeopardizing their work and the marine environment.

Porntip emphasized the importance of community feedback, particularly from those in the fishing industry, to enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety of the operation. The search for the remaining containers has proven challenging, prompting collaboration with the First Navy Area Command, which has sought assistance from well-equipped fishing vessels.

Captain Panom Kuanpradit of the command’s Operations Department highlighted the difficulties in locating the submerged containers, leading to the deployment of minesweeper boats and requests for fishermen to report any suspicious findings.

Local leader Pramote Thowsakul reflected on the government’s efforts, acknowledging the significant investment made to identify the containers’ contents. He noted the community’s initial reluctance to open the containers due to fears of toxic leaks potentially harming marine life, the fishing industry, and tourism. This investigation not only seeks to demystify the origins and purpose of the containers but also to alleviate the concerns of the local population regarding environmental and economic impacts.


Ah, well then, all is right with the world, isn’t it? Mystery solved, everyone can go home! Except, wait a minute, weren’t there some human skeletons getting cozy on the seabed? And what about the elusive fleet of containers that fishermen swear they saw? But let’s not dwell on the minor details, shall we? Especially when we have such riveting investigative journalism from The Nation, enlightening us with groundbreaking discoveries like a ladder in a container, which obviously means it was doubling as an Atlantis branch office. A ladder, folks. Because nothing screams “corporate workspace” like a piece of climbing equipment in an underwater metal box.

Truly, The Nation’s narrative prowess is reaching new depths—literally. But let’s not be too harsh. After all, they’ve provided us with an explanation so comprehensive, it leaves absolutely no room for further questions. Like, at all. Especially not about those skeletal decorations or the container armada that’s apparently playing hide and seek with the authorities.

Yet, one can’t help but feel this “underwater office” tale might just be the authorities’ way of putting a lid on a Pandora’s box they’d rather not open. Because, in the grand scheme of things, who really cares about a few bones and mystery containers when you’ve got a ladder to ponder over? So, hats off to the powers that be for this watertight (pun intended) wrap-up of an investigation. It’s almost as if they’re hoping the whole thing will just sink into oblivion.